Call for papers (closed)

Despite the emphasis placed in political and public debate on education as key to combat racism and to promote an inclusive society, the educational sector – from preschool to higher education – continues to be a site of everyday racism(s) as well as ethnic and religious discrimination. It is within the educational context that most children experience racism for the first time, often as early as kindergarten, and research has shown that racism and ethnic and religious discrimination are the most common forms of harassment in the educational sector. Despite good intentions, teachers, staff and institutional educational reform frequently contribute to and reproduce racial practices, knowledges and structures. Given the complex heterogeneity that characterizes the social and political field of education, as well as racism as a social and political practice, the Nordic Conference on Racism and Education aims to offer a multidisciplinary forum that bridges conceptual, methodological and disciplinary divides. Our starting point is that there is no racism in the singular, only racisms in the plural (Goldberg, 1993). 

We invite paper abstracts and panel proposals of both theoretical, methodological and empirical kind and we encourage submissions from both junior and senior scholars.  

Topics to be discussed during the conference include, but are by no means limited to: